Stephen Meade is a seasoned entrepreneur, passionate about growing companies that make a difference in the world. He was Regional Vice President at Travelers Group, and has more than 20 years of executive management and leadership experience in the technology industry. He’s responsible for creating, incubating and launching successful technology-based companies including Virtual Sellers (the first Internet based master merchant) for ecommerce, EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System) for disaster management, and Cenoplex (the first technology in the world to insert an audio message in the sequencing gap of a cell phone switch) for global cell phone operators.
Mr. Meade is the founder of Upper Street’s inaugural acquisition, the photo-sharing platform, MagMo.

Strengths: Proven leader with experience in launching new companies. Extensive relationships at high levels. Proven to build strong executive teams with high ability to execute.

Role at MagMo: Founder and visionary responsible for the development and launch of MagMo, overseeing all functions of the company.


Igor Barash is an experienced Technology Product and Operations Executive who co-founded CyberDefender Corporation, an Internet security software company where he served as both Chief Product Officer and Chief Information Officer. Mr. Barash directed the development and successful market introduction of many of their leading Internet security products including and, which serve over 100 million users worldwide. Additionally, he assisted the company in growing from a startup to over $64 million in revenue and nearly 700 employees and contractors.

Most recently, Mr. Barash co-founded TrepScore, an information-sharing platform that allows entrepreneurs to effectively and efficiently manage their data and share their progress with investors in real-time.

Strengths: Experienced technology and product advisor; skilled at managing teams; understands what it takes to bring a new technology product to market and succeed.

Role at MagMo: Program manager and key liaison between CEO and team technology team


Gina Fabiano is a business development consultant responsible for managing the successful launch of new ventures. Mrs. Fabiano has held many administrative and strategic planning roles in small and large successful companies before starting her own. In 2007 she launched a product line for urban mothers called Go Baby which landed products into FAO Schwarz. She then developed a consultant program to help other mom-focused entrepreneurs develop and launch their own product lines. After leaving Go Baby, she joined the quantitative-trading department at Morgan Stanley where she supported a team of 60 in their NYC headquarters, their CEO and assisted in their move to a private hedge fund in 2012.

Strengths: Has 10+ years of experience with start-ups and can help the team navigate the path to success. Organized and detail oriented; Expert level administrative skills; Marketing/PR and Communications experience; Design and website portfolio.

Role at MagMo: Business Development Consultant responsible for managing the launch of tech start-ups through established public holding companies. Responsible for communications and PR; shareholder filings and budgets; general COO and administrative duties;