Beta Testing Requirements





MagMo Beta Tester Invitation

Welcome to MagMo, where you can create your own instant mini-magazines and share your experiences with others.

What follows below are instructions on how to get started as a beta tester.

Create MagMo’s;

  • We request that you build a 4 page MagMo during the beta testing. This means use the “add page” button to create a MagMo’s with multiple pages.
  • Please create 8-10 MagMo’s total with 3-4 pages each, and then place them in different categories.


If you’re on an Iphone;

  • Go to APP store, search MagMo, download

If you’re on Android:

  • Download in Playstore (or you can search for MagMo in Playstore, but you may have to scroll down several pages to find it.

Provide Feedback:

To be part of this group, we request that you provide confidential feedback during the testing phase.

Types of Feedback;

  • Bugs; these are items that don’t work, broken links, dead pages, etc.
  • Design; these are items where you are looking for a certain action and it either isn’t there, or perhaps doesn’t work as you expected. This may be where you clicked or swiped to an area and thought it would be something else, or perhaps tried to click on something that wasn’t a link.
  • Improvements; these are ideas, suggestions, functions, etc. that you would like to see or be considered for future versions.


  • Please keep all comments, both positive and negative, confidential.
  • Share any comments back with the company for consideration.

Get Started Videos:

In advance, please watch this simple get started videos.  It will help make your initial experience easier.

You can see the Demo and How To video’s here.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach the company;