User Guide

Welcome MagMo Designer!
Thank you for taking a few moments to review some items which will help you get started.

A Quick Overview:

  1. Please attempt to build a 4 page MagMo each time. Realize also, that this is public, try to build a MagMo that is a good visual story (and G rated).
  2. Please do “NOT” share it with anyone at this point- just create them into your account.   When we go live you will be able to share them via social media.
  3. Make any notes for the following;
    • Things you dislike.
    • Places where you get lost, confused, or the navigation and logic flow doesn’t make sense.
    • Things you would like to see either now or in the future releases.
    • Things you like.
  4. Keep all of this confidential, including the interface, navigation, etc

Below are two reference materials to help with installing the app on your iPhone and building your first MagMo:

Thanks again for all your help as we embark on this journey!

-The MagMo Team