Why MagMo?

At MagMo, we want to change the way people around the world take, share and show Photos.

Does the world really need another photo sharing tool?

We believe Yes!

If you want to see what we are talking about and why, watch the video here:



download (For Android, you may have to scroll down a few pages to find it)


MagMo set about to accomplish a new tool for you to create stories, share them with your friends, and show them on your phone or computer.

If you take and share photos, you may notice there are certain things missing from the current crop of photo tools that are out there.

We consider MagMo the evolution of photo sharing as you will see many things in there and go “aha” I didn’t know I needed that.

However, just for edification, let’s share a few things MagMo does that other photo tools don’t (and a few things they do, but MagMo just does better).

  • Ability to easily create a multiple page story with built-in templates.
  • Drag and drop text boxes on the screen for descriptions
  • Pre-created categories (food/drink, travels, fashion, sports, pets, etc.) makes it easier to group photos by activity, not just time.
  • Ability to share across multiple platforms and have your story viewed without having to download an app.
  • Easily text or email your MagMo, again without the viewer having to download an app.
  • Better organization for showing photos on your phone (no more scrolling up and down through thousands of photos)
  • Ability to view MagMo’s based on latest, featured or most viewed, and by category for each selection.
  • Ability to like, share and follow
  • Follow button lets you only see content from the profiles you select to follow
  • Unique back cover creates an opportunity to follow brands and click on special offers.

We are excited about MagMo and what it can do to help you click, create and share your Magazine Moments.

MagMo Demo: To learn more, here’s a quick demo:


For Consumers:

MagMo (Magazine Moments) is the new MUST-HAVE app for photo sharing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words–What’s a story worth?

MagMo is a story-telling platform to create your very own “Magazine Moment” in a matter of seconds. With MagMo, you can create mini-stories using your photos and text, organize them by selecting categories such as Food & Drink, Sports, Pets, Social, Music, etc.

Have you ever wanted to post more than just one photo?

Have you wanted to share with your friends, without wondering if they were on the app or not?

You can do all that and more with MagMo.


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You can easily share MagMo all your friends via text or email with NO download required.  You can also one click post to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and again your MagMo can be viewed without having to download the app.










MagMo is the new, must-have photo sharing tool for all your Magazine Moments.

As a consumer, you can download MagMo in the Apple App Store, and in Google Play Store.



download (For Android, you have to scroll down a few pages to find it)


MagMo PRO: For Brands looking to Monetize Social

MagaMo Brands


If you are a Major Brand, Celebrity, Musician, Author, Entertainer, or just a small business looking for a way to monetize social, then MagMo is for you.

MagMo is a great new publishing tool that can simplify your story telling, save you time on publishing your content, and help you move from engagement and likes, to full clickable actions and commerce.  To find out more, click here.




download (For Android, you have to scroll down a few pages to find it)
Ps; Here’s an interesting infograph on the evolution of Instagram.  I take solace in how they launched, sort of failed, refined, and then succeeded.  We are in the launch phase with MagMo and have done a lot of refinements for the product. As we enter into the customer acquisition phase, we will see how well our efforts will pay off.

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